Americans are Getting Tired of Eating Turkey on Thanksgiving

No turkey on Thanksgiving? Sounds crazy, right…

A new poll shows that out of 2,000 Americans, 64 percent of people say they would be completely fine with taking turkey off the menu on Thanksgiving and replacing it with something new. 

They’re calling it an “alternate Thanksgiving,” where nearly 45 percent of Americans are taking part in, or plan on doing in the future to substitute traditional food served during the holiday. 30 percent of those have already replaced the main course- turkey. 

Some people are even calling turkey “overrated.” One in four respondents to be exact. With that, many Americans are now going out to eat rather than making a home-cooked traditional Thanksgiving meal with the family to alleviate some of that stress. 

What might come to a bit of a surprise is that Americans are tired of other traditional recipes besides turkey. 

Check out the top five most overrated Thanksgiving foods that the New York Post broke down from the poll:

Cranberry sauce: 37 percent

Sweet potatoes: 27 percent

Green beans: 25 percent

Macaroni and cheese: 24 percent

Turkey: 24 percent

Now the question is, would you replace your traditional meal? 

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