MUST WATCH: Man Re-Animates ‘Sleeping Beauty’ for Wedding Proposal

You know what’s romantic? Having your boyfriend turn you into an animated princess. Lee Loechler, a filmmaker, worked closely with an illustrator for six months to re-create himself and his girlfriend into animated characters for an epic proposal. 

Knowing that his girlfriend’s favorite movie is “Sleeping Beauty,” Loechler wanted to propose to his high school sweetheart in an unforgettable way. And he succeeded. The filmmaker created a fake screening of the Disney movie.

The process to get there, however, wasn’t easy. Loechler had a difficult time finding an illustrator to help with the project, until he discovered Kayla Coombs, who specializes in couple’s portraits and helped execute the Disney idea perfectly. Loechler decided to propose over the holidays while the couple was back home. To avoid suspicion, he filled the room with strangers so his girlfriend, Sthuthi David, wouldn’t recognize anyone and instead had friends and family sneak in to fill the back theater. 

Watch the magical moment below:



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