Jared Leto Learned About Coronavirus After 12-Day Retreat

Imagine being completely isolated from the world for almost two weeks, then realize there’s a pandemic occurring. Well, that was the case for actor and artist Jared Leto.

Leto unplugged himself from the world at the same time as everyone else, except he was partaking in a silent meditation… in the desert. Isolating himself on this retreat meant Leto was unaware of cornovirus, and the extremity of it.

The artist took to Twitter to say he “walked out into a very different world” after being released from the facility on March 16th.

“I’m getting messages from friends and family all around the globe and catching up on what’s going on.” Leto was shocked over the news, saying it was “mind blowing, to say the least.” The star went on to say that he hopes everyone is doing okay and is “sending positive energy to all.”

See the rest of his message below:


Photo: Getty

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