Harry Styles Drops Juicy ‘Watermelon Sugar’ Music Video

WARNING: You’ll crave summertime feels as soon as you watch Harry Styles’ new music video. Oh, and some watermelon.

The English artist gave fans a treat this Monday (May 18) after releasing a juicy music video for his bop “Watermelon Sugar.”

harry styles

It’s all touch and play in this vintage-styled video. Including a lot of watermelon munching. The music video begins by saying “THIS VIDEO IS DEDICATED TO TOUCHING MAY 18, 2020.” The forewarning was much needed. With all the intimacy and closeness presented, Styles took to Twitter to say, “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Practice social distancing.”


“Watermelon Sugar” was filmed before quarantine back in January in Malibu, California. Watch the sunshine-filled music video below.


Photo: YouTube

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