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Worst Selling Items on Amazon Prime Day

Done any shopping these past two days during Amazon Prime Day? People have definitely been taking advantage of the deals the site has, but not all of the merchandise is doing so well. Here's a list of the worst selling items so far:


  • The Go Back to Your Own Country Barbie
  • Tickle Me R. Kelly
  • Boeing 737 MAX Crash-and-Burn Playset
  • Fisher-Price Little People Refugee Detention Center
  • Nike Air Buttigiegs
  • Joe Biden Signature Edition Massage Chair
  • (CAREFUL) "Robert Kraft's Happy Ending" Video
  • The Amazon Dyslexia
  • Beer Fart-Scented Candle
  • The "Make America Great Again" Sombrero
  • Post Malone Body Wash
  • Limited Edition Area 51 Tin Foil Hats
  • The O.J. Simpson Kitchen Knife Set.
  • The DC Universe Blu-Ray Box Set.
  • "Chris Christie's Weight Loss Secrets"
  • Pee-to-Drinking Water Filtration Kit

What are some of the items you were dying to get during Prime Day? Let us know! 


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